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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

VIVA FEST, JuiceLuck, and...SNOW!

Good morning on this beautiful spring morning of Day 51!

It's such an inspiring morning out there, that I woke up and headed out for a 45 minute walk, down to the ocean, looped around to a rocky point, and then wandered back past a wild Garry Oak Park, where the last of the wildflowers were in bloom!  Plus, I saw three bunny rabbits, saw beautiful magnolia trees in bloom, saw sailboats with their great big spinackers up, and a whole sleugh of tide pools!  

This was quite in contrast to the freak snow fall we had yesterday -- SNOW IN APRIL!?! -- none of stuck, but it definitely put a damper on the day's planned outdoor activities in celebration of Earth Day.  The annual Earth Day march and rally/gathering is on the top of my 'must do's' list -- but I, too avoided it because of the miserable weather.  I did, however go to the VIVA FEST (Vancouver Island Vegetarian Association) gathering, where there were a bunch of vegetarian-associated tables, booths and displays.  My friends Hezzie Cunliffe and Ariel Rubin had a table set up for CafĂ© Bliss ... the organic live food juice bar that Hezzie is opening in a couple of months.  The girls were busy juicing up wheatgrass, apple juicy concoctions for free for everyone!  What a hit! 

From there, I headed to our weekly JuiceLuck gathering, which was lovely as all four of us were able to attend! (video will be posted at -- Ayrie, Constanze, Robyn and myself.  I brought a juice I particularly liked: red swiss chard, parsley, half a pineapple, a couple blood oranges and watermelon and a lot of mint!  Really easy going and refreshing!

So, I'm stoked for the coming week - a colonic tomorrow, accupuncture on Wednesday and then some acting training someone asked me to help them with on Tuesday!  Hoorah for juice!

Ooooh...and I was also loaned David Wolfe's book The Sunfood Diet Success System!  Fabulous stuff!

(I'm including some photos of both gatherings!)

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