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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

The juicing family! Day 37!

Last night I hosted our weekly JuiceLuck with Ayrie and Constanze coming, plus Hezzie who was juice feasting for the day. We sorrowly missed Robyn, who is still juice feasting, but had a djembé performance to participate in. It was a fun gathering which included a juice that tasted just like angelfood cake, I swear -- it was goji berries, orange and lemon. It was fabulous! Constanze made a green juice that had cinnamon in it which was spectacular. I've yet to experiment with adding spices to my juices. And then Ayrie brought a juice over that included his new favourite ingredient: grass! The juice was delicious though. After the gathering, I popped next door to my neighbours' who invited us over -- I sat with them at the dinner table, as they consumed massive steaks.

This morning we woke, and Passy and Simi helped me juice. I did hardly anything except choose my day's ingredients: pineapple, celery, cucumber, soaked goji berries (apparently great for my selenium levels), spinach, kiwi, parsley, ginger, burdock, bee pollen and Vitamineral Green. Paddy even did the clean-up! What a guy!

We went for a walk today to out on the breakwater. It was a beautiful day. We saw an otter catch a fish, a seal, and a very uniquely marked black and white duck.

A big thing I'm both curious about and unsure of the path I'll venture down, is how I will choose to eat once this cleanse is over. Though this stems from the Raw Food Movement, I'm not drawn to go all raw. Though I do forsee the inclusion of far more greens -- salads, possibly the green smoothies. I'm also interested in getting a dehydrator to make raw, sprouted crackers. What I do know is that grains and heay starchy foods weigh me down considerably...though I like the inclusion of brown rice to salads, eating a baked potato doesn't appeal. Friends of mine are following a lot of the principles set out by the Weston A. Price Group, and there is a lot a lot of compelling information in there. Bone broths and meat are a staple element of this food philosophy. What I think I'll head most likely towards is a predominetly vegeatrian, vegetable-laden diet, eating meat that is organic and locally raised. Time and more research will tell.

(Arie filed or weekly gathering once again last night and it is posted on


Lee said...

Very nice blog and info. BTW, How I found you blog....I have a google alert that searches "Weston A Price" and the search picked you out. I do not have a juicer yet but plan to juice and ferment it with water kefir grains in next month or so. I saved your blog for future reference.

To Better Health,
Lee Deavers of Piedmont, SC USA

Ed said...

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Grace and Peace,

MARYYX said...

Alright - I'm setting my goji berries to soak right now. I never thought of doing that. I don't like the taste of them dry.

I can't imagine - angelfood cake flavor from a juice - but now I'm going to have to experiment!


Robyn said...

im a few days behind reading your blog, but i love it!
heres an idea-- i like rice in salads too, and like to soak wild rice (for about 24 hours)... its chewy and nutty and i think tastier than normal rice. give it a try! even if youre not going 100% raw, its still yummy!!

Bronwyn said...

Thanks for the tip I'm all excited to try it! Yeah now I'm leaning much more towards the predominantly raw food world...I'm excited to get a dehydrator and start making my own raw crackers. Constanze told me you can make them with a vegetable base, such a corn...that really excited me! Oh, ad by the've lost weight in your face, in case you hadn't noticed!