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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Protein low!!!

So, my medical caregivers are concerned with the return of m blood draw results. Their main concern: PROTEIN levels!

On my blood work, it indicated that my protein levels were on the low end of the spectrum. I had my dietitian and physician's assistant both encouraging me to add an egg or two to my daily diet. Though I understand their concerns, I'm not interested in introducing solids at this point [and the idea of a blended egg added with beets and spinach, etc. doesn't sound that appealing (mind you, add a little Hollandaise and we might have something!)] -- so, I threw out the idea of a protein powder additive to the juices. They were good with that! So, at this point I'm throwing this question out on and I've asked David ad Katrina Rainoshek directly. I can see the merits of adding say an organic hemp protein or something...mind you, I wonder if Hemp Oil would do the same?! I've been avoiding it since my first wretched day (no pun intended!). I know now that with the concrete results in front of me, I will be consciously making sure I have bee pollen every day, and Vitamineral Green, and coconut oil.

On a different note, my night nurse Therese was extremely interested in the juice feasting. While I slept, she printed off tonnes of information from the juice feasting site, and was really encouraged. She was amazed by the before and after pictures and peoples' personal tales. Therese is a heavier set woman, a vegetarian, but complains of eating to many carbs in the form of pasta and rice. Though this diet is carb heavy evidently, it is assimilated far differently.

Well I'll continue my wait here in the Metro Detroit Airport -- first to Toronto and the directly home!


Michelle said...

I just found your blog and I am fascinated by your discoveries regarding the nutritional aspects of the juice feast. I am very interested in hearing what comes of it.

You are a rock star juicing in the hospital!!! I could see how easy it would be to go off the feast in that environment. I am impressed with your strength and courage.

Thank you for sharing your journey with the world.


Bronwyn said...

Thanks for your words, Michelle! I truly appreciate them!

Global said...

Spirulina and chlorella = highest sources of plant based protein in nature. Add them to you Juice Feast!