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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Juice Feasting on Lasqueti Island!

I've just returned from the most incredible weekend!

Simi and i headed back to the wee off-the-grid island where she was born in the cabin we built for her, on Lasqueti Island! The island lives sustainably, ethically, environmentally, and full of conscience, with a population of 350! Our cabin there operates off of solar panels and a water wheel. I was really eager to return while on a cleanse. I was curious about how it would feel to be surrounded by natural elements both inside and out!

Well, it had a powerful effect! I was overwhelmed and reminded of the incredible virtues of community (one of the great assets of joining on with Global Juice Feast!) which is often so lacking in an urban environment, of living close to the Earth, of growing one's own source of locaal, organic food. I was so inspired, we've enacted our 5-year-plan-to-return-to Lasqueti, in the meantime building a larger house than our 400-square foot cabin. Why 5 years? This would enable Simi to complete elementary school, and myself to finish university. So, I spent my days there, infused with vitality and a suitcase full of juices! This all workes out well!

Today, y only juicing discovery is that I don't like juicing mung beans and i found organic pineapples on at my little corner store for $2.98! Wow!

I'm going to try to attach this week's Victoria JuiceLuck video, even though I missed it!

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Robyn said...

ive always found bean sprouts a little iffy as well....
did your juices really last 3 days? even your green ones??

Bronwyn said...

Robyn --

unbelievably, they stayed good -- still tasting like when I made them, this surprised me since I had pineapple in them...but even so, the greens sisn't break down into little green blobs!