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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

I'm still blogging post-feast, so keep checking in!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Juice day!

Liquid nourishment! Craving it! Wanting to feel that just wee bit lighter that I was in the summer - I'd like to drop 5 or 7 lbs. -- but more importantly was craving green juice! (hard for me to imagine considering my propencity towards fruit juices. So an early morning dash to the store -- all organic beets, carrots, spinach, ginger, grapefruit, lime, salad assorted mix, celery --
good, but very strong juice, as I initially put in one whole lime, rind et al. -- quite sharp - but incredibly rejuvinating feeling!

Went to a wee craft fair today, and went pricing wood stoves for our new house - pricey but beautiful!

My grand-father was down for a rare visit which was so dear to me -

And am off to a show of improvised dance along side poetry from around the world in various languages!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Frozen pee!

Now either that title served to draw you in...or repulsed you the point where you might choose not to read on!

But there is truth in the matter --
over the weekend I did a 48 hour urine collection to determine my copper and zinc levels -- collecting pee, storing it in containers in the fridge, and then sending off a couple little viles, after being frozen, through international courier service to the University of Michigan Hospital lab -- I am hoping for positive results. I did the same test a couple weeks ago here, with the results being sent to Vancouver to the Children's Hospital (why Children's I do not know) -- but those results aren't in yet, and the ones from Michigan will be a lot more precise.

With the knowledge they will provide, I'll be able to gauge my nuts consumption with solid figures to base my judgments on! I'm looking forward to being able to do so...

On the weekend I went for my first ever trip to Costco. Well, as you imagine, I was not avidly turned on - I did find an awesome deal on enviro-friendly laundry soap and some new sheets - but when I got to the end of the store where they sell all the grotesque food en mass -- all you need: 55 packs of Kraft dinner, and 28 hotdogs...yikes! it was one of the only time I've been truly repulsed in a food store. I handle just fine the majority of the time. I got out of the glutonous food aisles as fast I got in. I was told they occasionally have good deals on organics -- I wasn't prepared to wade through to find them.

So...last time I figured I might introduce quinoa -- as of today, I have not.

One week left of school, projects getting final touches on them and put together. I've been working on conceiving and building a set model for Edward Albee's The American Dream-- great play -- a recommended read. I've really enjoyed this term. Very stimulating.

One thing that has been interesting is that I have been gaining weight. I expected to. Initially I thought I would immediately post-juice feast. But no. In fact I lost a bit more. Then it was as we entered fall. And initially for the first couple months - Sept and Oct. -- I stayed relatively the same. But it seems as if in the last month, I've gained about 7 or 8 pounds. I'm not sure of the accuracy of any of these numbers considering I've got a scale that is not exact...but I'm feeling a bit heavier. I have fewer protruding bones on my sternum and my cheeks are filling in a bit -- but I do notice is that when I felt best, was at a few pounds lighter. There is also the possibility that I'm gaining heavier muscle...I've started to work on my abs for about 5 minutes ever morning and evening - for two reasons: I do have more of a loose, distended belly area ever since pregnancy and I also need to gain strength for working on Lasqueti this summer. Helping build the house and clear land will take strength and stamina!

Oh! and I'd like a clarification, if anyone knows the answer -- this morning I had unpasteurized miso soup for breakfast -- (delicious variety from Denman Island, BC) -- so I was told that the soybeans in miso are simple fermented - not roasted first and then fermented. Is that right?! So unpasteurized miso raw? do tell.

Au revoir,
And good night!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Election and quinoa?

Hey there...

in my last post I mentioned that I was heading up to Lasqueti for the election - well Nov.15th was the day -- and was the day I lost by 10 votes! It was disappointing -- but considering the fact that I don't currently live on Lasqueti -- it's a pretty darn amazing that I received so many votes! It was likely a blessing in disguise though, as now I can focus on teaching my Action Theater more prolifically and sending my writing off without a brutal up-and-down to the island sort of lifestyle! I had 6 great years - and who knows, I might try again one year!
My trip to Lasqueti was wonderful in the sense that I did get to meet my new little land partner Basha born on Nov.3rd and got to spend time on our new housesite!

So...still raw. Was very tempted to introduce some cooked rice to a salad when I was on Lasqueti - but I think my first inclusion will be cooked quinoa so that I get the protein. I also got some sprouted brown rice protein powder to add to smoothies. I do know that I need to add a little more oomph to my diet. My protein numbers were within range, but on the low end - they should be higher to further my healing! So what was breakfast? Sprouted chickpea hummus and carrots! Yum!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's been awhile...update on me!


It's been a while since I last posted on the 25th of September --
so here we are -- the leaves are turning colour fast and furiously - and so to is the overall sky and weather - have just come from a few days of hard rain and total grey!

So how and I doing? What am I doing? And how's it all working out?

So, Food wise...and more accurately raw food-wise --
I am still doing the raw foodie lifestyle, but a lot of questions are being raised for me and questioning if I'm doing some harm to myself with this diet --
It's an odd mix...I feel amazing still, but on the other hand I am having a resurgence of some of my old Wilson's symptoms...i.e. I am shaking way more, I'm experiencing numbness occasionally in my fingers, my moods are a bit edgier, and I'm getting a heavy eye-lid again -- these things scare me -- and raise so many questions for me.
I am being very clear not to jump to any rash decisions or actions -- there are two scenarios that I feel could be possible! - 1) too little protein! and 2) my copper levels have risen high again by my nut and seed consumption.
I have been pouring over charts of copper values in foods...and I marched myself in for blood work, which will check my protein levels, and I'll do a 24 h urine test next week to assess my copper levels!
Possible ideas I'm considering is to add cooked quinoa (high protein) to my salads and possible introducing raw feta cheese too!
My weight has come up about 5 pounds since summer, which makes sense!
School continues to go well!
I did a week-long workshop with my teacher Ruth Zaporah in Action Theater --
it was wonderful!
I am now teaching a couple of Action Theater classes - one for kids, one for adults --

they are going well!
And plus, I'm on the re-election campaign trail for my position as Islands Trustee for Lasqueti Island -- since i don't live on-island now, it's a way further shot of the possibility of getting re-elected. I have many hurdles to cross in peoples' minds -- I'm not there, and my health raises questions for folks too. So...election day is November 15th -- I will keep you posted!
Plus, I went to Lasqueti for Halloween - I'm in costume as Miss Lasqueti, along side fellow candidate Jen Goby -

Now...I'm off to eat!