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Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's been awhile...update on me!


It's been a while since I last posted on the 25th of September --
so here we are -- the leaves are turning colour fast and furiously - and so to is the overall sky and weather - have just come from a few days of hard rain and total grey!

So how and I doing? What am I doing? And how's it all working out?

So, Food wise...and more accurately raw food-wise --
I am still doing the raw foodie lifestyle, but a lot of questions are being raised for me and questioning if I'm doing some harm to myself with this diet --
It's an odd mix...I feel amazing still, but on the other hand I am having a resurgence of some of my old Wilson's symptoms...i.e. I am shaking way more, I'm experiencing numbness occasionally in my fingers, my moods are a bit edgier, and I'm getting a heavy eye-lid again -- these things scare me -- and raise so many questions for me.
I am being very clear not to jump to any rash decisions or actions -- there are two scenarios that I feel could be possible! - 1) too little protein! and 2) my copper levels have risen high again by my nut and seed consumption.
I have been pouring over charts of copper values in foods...and I marched myself in for blood work, which will check my protein levels, and I'll do a 24 h urine test next week to assess my copper levels!
Possible ideas I'm considering is to add cooked quinoa (high protein) to my salads and possible introducing raw feta cheese too!
My weight has come up about 5 pounds since summer, which makes sense!
School continues to go well!
I did a week-long workshop with my teacher Ruth Zaporah in Action Theater --
it was wonderful!
I am now teaching a couple of Action Theater classes - one for kids, one for adults --

they are going well!
And plus, I'm on the re-election campaign trail for my position as Islands Trustee for Lasqueti Island -- since i don't live on-island now, it's a way further shot of the possibility of getting re-elected. I have many hurdles to cross in peoples' minds -- I'm not there, and my health raises questions for folks too. So...election day is November 15th -- I will keep you posted!
Plus, I went to Lasqueti for Halloween - I'm in costume as Miss Lasqueti, along side fellow candidate Jen Goby -

Now...I'm off to eat!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!!!
I love love love reading your blog. you are very inspirational.