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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

I'm still blogging post-feast, so keep checking in!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's been awhile -- 2011 now!

Happy New Year!

I have not blogged in ages -- for various reasons --

My last blog was my celebration of being two years RAW -- at the beginning of March 2010 -- I was feeling alive and vibrant --

well, and then things changed....

at the beginning of June, Paddy, my partner was badly injured in a rock-climbing fall -- he broke his back (3 Transverse Processes) and a couple crack ribs and major soft-tissue damage --

it was the scariest phone call I've ever gotten -- as when we got it, we still did not know if he was paralyzed or not -- (luckily he wasn't - and is absolutely fine now!) --

but, traveling over to pick him up (which meant ferry rides and all) and spending time in the hospital - meant that I fell victim to munching bad food -- it's not as if I fell off my great diet with cooked whole grains - no, I did it by way of French Fries and doughnuts --

over the next few months, through the summer, fall, and up til now, I've succumbed to nasty snacking habits --

and as a result, put on weight --

all around me agreed that I needed a little more meat on my bones -- and ironically, I was fielding comments left-right-and-centre "You're looking great!" -- "Really Healthy" --

but, I wasn't feeling healthy, and began to feel bad about myself, my moods and confidence were spiraling downwards and I KNEW that it was because of my eating habits - but for some reason I could not stop -- which made it worse -- I couldn't seem to find the will-power, even though at one time I'd pulled off 108 days of juice feasting (ahhhhh! nasty trend!) I was depressed, irratable, and was not fitting in my clothes --

Plus, lethargy was setting in big-time -- I wasn't getting any exercise -- and I was struggling to pull myself out of bed, and was exhausted in the evening!

I had but on about 25 pounds --

I started wondering what the difference was from years ago - when I used to be much, much heavier -- 160/170 pounds range -- and had no self-image problems -- one person I know summed it up well: "Because you're body knows the feeling of being supremely healthy....."

That was it.

the up side was that I got my moon time back -- a sign that I was too light before --
but I needed to cleanse and detox so much that the weight loss was a part of that --

So, January 1, 2011 -- I set to change this --

I bought running shoes and have started juicing again --

I am now 5 days in of juice and tea -

I would call this more accurately a Juice Fast rather than Feast -- drinking about a litre a day or less --

and I'm running each day (today it was windy and rainy, so it turned into a brisk walk!) --

Already feeling positive, uplifted and vibrant!



Enjoy the year!