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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Slim pickings!

Well, I'm just back from my Thursday to Monday adventure in Berkeley, California!  Ahead of time, my friend mentioned that that there was a Juice Co-op -- I was excited and was salivating in anticipation!  I packed my mason jars and headed down...boy was I further from the truth of what I expected!  There were three choices: carrot, orange or grapefruit.  I couldn't believe it!  I got 4 litres of carrot/orange juice -- which turned out not to be that great because of the commercial produce!  Needless to say, my juice consumption went way down for the weekend...I just couldn't stomach them.  Another friend directed me towards Caf√© Gratitude -- the well-known raw restaurant.  I salivated over the food and desserts I saw being produced.  Strangely enough, the juice had been juiced previously in the day...and they just added whatever quantity necessary from each pre-done jar.  Here, I ended up having trouble with one of my juices -- it had ginger listed as an ingredient...well, it was so if three times as much was added that it was nearly undrinkable (and I like ginger!) --  So, Berkeley was a weekend of weightloss, and very few greens!  The workshop I went down for was terrific, however!

On my flight I got a wee bit sick, and I was tickled pink to have Paddy greet me at home with a litre of orange juice!  He managed to just dodge the tendonitis!

So, it's Spring Break now!  And Simi and I decided to head to Vancouver to hit Science World!  Before doing this, I needed one major mishap, by breaking one of my green juices in my backpack, and having a litre spilling all through my backpack and all over the floor of Mountain Equipment Coop!  It was such a disaster that I had to end up buying another wee day pack!

So, this morning were in Van!  My friend Brooke had already picked my up a menu from Juicy Lucy's outlined my fruit and veggie choices!  Terrific!  I loaded up and then set-off for a day of being scientized....being in Science World for over 5 hours!  Our plan is to head for more juice tomorrow -- Yea! Commercial Drive!

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