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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Hospital Room Juice Feast!

I'm doing it! -- sitting in my hospital bed, sipping my juice!

I've loaded and labelled all of my jars into the fridge, and are sipping on my first: celery, cucumber, apple and parsley juice!

I was somewhat concerned of people's reactions here in the hospital being that this is the hub of the medical establishment...yet, as I set out my juices on my window sill (one purple, one green, one purple, etc.), in order to label them with my name on them -- my nurse Dan walked in, asked "Wow, what do we have here?" -- I said I'm on a juice cleanse, and his immediate reaction was "Oh, cool!  I just did the Master Cleanser!"

Since then I've received nothing but judgments.  The dietician on the floor came in, too curious about it all!  So far it's been a positive experience.  In fact the Physician's Assistant I have said she'd be willing to bet money on the fact that she believes my doctor here will be supportive of it.  And the dietician just came in and asked me to write down a few of my juice recipes so she can analyse them with a software program to see the nutrients I'm getting in a day.  Her question was where am I getting my calcium from.  I said, from the greens.  I'm interested to see what the program says!

Besides that, it's been wonderful seeing everyone here again!  It feels like seeing old friends!  I was said to learn that two of my past caregivers here are gone...this was really disappointing.  But I've had them paged, so with luck I'll be able to see them during this visit!

All is well in Ann's very hazy/verging on raining today!  Now I just have to wait for my speech pathology appointment at 3 pm!

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