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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Almost a Week! and some realizations!

It's Day 6, 12:30 pm and I've just finished juicing for the day!  Today my schedule was a bit different, as I went to Simi's class this morning to help the little guys with their French reading.   I had saved a juice from yesterday in anticipation of not being able to juice in the morning and had some of that!  Learning that it is best to start the morning off with a nutrient-dense green drink, I drank only a little, with reluctance, as that juice I'd made was a bit more sludge-like and unappealing.
I woke up yesterday vibrant and full of life, but had to force myself to drink 2 litres of juice (the minimum is 4 litres!) -- the first was my liquid salsa, the second was straight watermelon.  I'm going to have to find good watermelon combos, as on its own it's a bit too sweet to say the least!  I went for an hour walk during the day as well.  By the time evening came, I was exhausted!  I could barely stay awake for American Idol!
I went to sleep but I'm wondering what the stars are doing right now, because Simi and I both woke with nightmares.  Her's about a sadistic teddy bear, mine about accidentally munching on a left-over cracker scooped from Simi's plate!  I was horrified at myself, bummed, and upset.  My reaction really demonstrated my commitment to this cleanse!
Another surprising thing has been my jaw joint (is that the TMJ?) was aching/stiff/sore yesterday and a bit the day before -- my only thought is the lack of chewing is causing this?!?!  Even though I do chew my juices to initiate the first steps of digestive mouth saliva.
So, yesterday I really learned the importance of drinking enough juice!
Another interesting observation, is that I've been waking up need of a bunch of water.  This has surprised me, considering the amount of liquid I'm usually ingesting.  It's been a good reminder to keep the drinking water factor up!
So today when I returned home at about 10:30 this morning, I surprisingly wasn't all gung-ho about grabbing my juicer.  I puttered for a few moments -- checked messages, answered e-mails, and played Scrabble on-line.  Knowing that I couldn't deny myself sustenance, I set to it.  One thing I was darn sure of was that I was going to juice an entire pineapple for sweetness and sludge-lightner!  And that's what I did!  For the first time during this feast I juiced a red bell pepper -- produced a lot of juice, plus one of the most vibrant colours I've ever seen!  I also juiced kale for the first time.  Kale is one of my favourite greens -- good old relaible, year-round kale!  I discovered though that it is very potent when juiced!
Today I got a phone call from my fellow juice feaster Glenn, checking in with me on this Day 6 -- and we compared our different states in the feast.  He claimed having a lot of cleansing reactions.  My only reaction besides Day 1, was last night's sluggishness...I brought that on myself though.  Even now I can fee vibrancy returning to my core, as I regenerate, and refuel with juice!
The one person who has been a crucial, vital supporter of me doing this is Paddy -- without him this would not of been possible.  Thank you for you gentle encouragement, and not to forget your generous financial help!  I love you Paddy!

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