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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

I'm still blogging post-feast, so keep checking in!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 25!

Today somehow sounds like a milestone...a grand accomplishment: 25!!!  But really, it does not feel much different than the other days!  I really am in a rhythm of juicing, am not getting hungry, and have no problems beings around food (the occasional outside bar-b-que wrestles up some old cravings for grilled burgers or steaks -- but all in all, I'm loving juicing!
Today's juicing was postponed somewhat by the fact that I had to have blood work done this morning (had to be fasting), and then after could take my pill...and then after more waiting: juice!
I created juice today with the following ingredients: young coconut water, blueberries, golden beets, spinach, cucumber, celery and oranges! I'm now finding the young coconut far too sweet, and therefore was trying to mask it's taste!

1 comment:

MARYYX said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog, Bronwyn. I have read a few of your posts - and am going to come back and read more. It's nearly 11 PM, and hubby is anxious for us to call it a day.

I am proud of you for committing to a better way of eating. I am going to pray for you tonight before I go to bed. I know you must have had some frightening days as you have faced this issue with the copper. I never had a life threatening issue like that - but had to deal with 8 years of knife-in-the-back pain, and to seek out my own answers to that problem. I think that gives me an inkling of what it might be like for you. We take our health so much for granted until we don't have it.

You hang in there, girl!