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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

I'm still blogging post-feast, so keep checking in!

Friday, March 7, 2008


I've done it!  -- reached the one-week mark!
I'm feeling great!  Went to sleep feeling tired again last night.  I came about an inch away from finishing my green drink!  It wasn't settling well.  The smell of the red bell pepper was nearly enough to turn my stomach.  I stopped before it had a chance to!  Water was what I self-prescribed for my last hour of awake time!
On a side note...I'm going to try to dye a shirt or some item with red bell pepper juice one day -- a totally brilliant, vibrant, alive colour.  It can truly be described as 'hot-red'!
I really started craving orange juice...and much to my delight, Paddy came back from the store with an entire box of organic oranges for me last night!  (Note: organic navel oranges are on a case-lot sale at Thrifty's this week!) --
This morning that's what I set out to make -- mounds and mounds of orange juice!  It took about half of my box to make about a litre-and-a-half!  I am keeping one litre straight orange - and the rest I combined with spinach and cucumber.
I am delighted to have shed some weight -- about a pound a day!  This in itself makes me feel lighter and better.  I've been closely monitoring the rate of my shaking since if this feast turns out to be having a negative effect on my healing, I'll stop.  But, no symptoms seem to be worsening.  My skin is clearing up!  Which is wonderful since I have a wonderful mix of veering-on-oily skin and dry, dry skin (caused by the Wilson's).
So, I'm still pumped and energized!  Eagerly awaiting tomorrow's JuiceLuck, along with many others, and convinced I could do this for the whole time!  I've been cooking dinners, preparing lunches, making breakfasts....none of it has bothered me!  The only hankering I get is for LaBoulange French Bread and Simi's bag of organic, dried mango!  All in good time!  I'm already musing about what my eating habits will be post-feast.  Though I will incorporate a lot more raw elements into my meals (bring on the heaping salads!), I'm not inclined to go all raw!  This is for several reasons: nuts and avacadoes are no-no's on my list of foods (high in copper!) -- and both are staples to a raw diet; and as my friend Anna pointed out there has been no culture in the past that has ever been all raw.  It is a modern phenomenon!  Perhaps a necessary one, but.....  One thing I've decided is that I'll return to being vegetarian.  No more justifying my meat consumption with: 'Well, the Dalai Lama's not vegetarian!'
Lastly, it was such a joy this morning to have Simi dash into her room and return with a sheet on which she'd written Day 7 -- Wow Mum! 

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