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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Juice, tea and a massage! Sumptuous!

It's's bright, flowers are out...but so is the chilly, brisk air!
Today was the end of Spring Break for Simi, so reluctantly she returned to school this morning, in a not-so-thrilled-grade-one-fashion!  After dropping her off I headed for the bus stop, with a juice in my backpack, as I had a 10 am massage appointment with Gail Dunn of Little Fern Massage Works.  Arriving early, I settled into a couch at the Cornerstone CafĂ©, ordered a tea and unscrewed my mason jar!
I had a lovely massage...felt as if I was floating on air when leaving, and then took the bus home!  I have no desire to juice today -- largely due to the fact that I didn't juice in the morning-time.  Right now it's feeling like an ordeal, followed by a heck of a lot of clean-up!  So, I'm figuring that since I need to go downtown this afternoon for Simi's gymnastics, I'll pop on over to Re-Bar or Green Cuisine and have 'em fill me up!
One thing I haven't done in over a week is to do an enema.  This is largely due to the fact that I was travelling and I felt it wasn't fitting for the airport security check-people, or my friend's wee humble abode.  I think I just fell out of practice.  My moods haven't been fragile, but my face seems to be breaking out a bit more (there has been a noticeable improvement over the course of the feast!), this is also due I'm sure to the fact that my moon is imminent.
My juice consumption has taken a nose-dive.  I got so used to consuming less in Berkeley, that my amount I take in has decreased.  I used to be happy if I had three litres.  I'm lucky if I attain that these days.
Another noticeable factor has been feeling cold.  With the Wilson's Disease feeling cold already comes with it now with the juice feast on top of it, I'm just like a portable iceberg.  I've got the furnace on right now (which I hate using due to its use of oil), plus my winter coat on.  I'm thinking of heading to the sauna later!
I found good news on the other end of the phone line yesterday.  As I'll be heading back to the University of Michigan Hospital on Sunday, I've been curious as to where I'd get my juice from.  I already tried to see if there were any Global Juice Feasters in the area who I could hire to make me juice, with no luck.  I called Whole Foods, no luck.  I was told to check out Seva, a vegetarian restaurant there, yes not only do they have a juice bar, they are also open until 9 pm on Sunday night, which means I'll be able to get there after I fly into Detroit, and get shuttled to my hotel!  Hooray for things working out!

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