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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

I'm still blogging post-feast, so keep checking in!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Day One Experience: the ups and downs!

The moment I've been preparing for finally came!  Yesterday morning, March 1, was kick-off day to the Global Juice Feast.
I woke up super excited and ready to take on the world of juicing!  Following the guidelines of the Juice Feast, I wanted to start the day off with an enema (figured this would also aid with a decreased number for my initial weigh-in!) -- however, I couldn't get the tubing together it was a no-go!
Next, I opted for the dry-skin-brushing before having a shower.  I am a convert!  It is amazing how much younger and vibrant your skin feels after brushing and showering.  I recommend this fully!  I haven't managed to do the hot/cold showers yet, as recommended.  I like the warmth.
Out I got.  Got dressed with, wearing my appropriate shirt:  'Beet the System' (adorned with a beetroot).  Got the juicer assembled, mason jars lined up, and put my fruit and veggie adorned apron on.
In one juice I had carrots, celery, apple and a golden beat.  It was good.  Nothing to write home about, but it suficed.
The next one -- my Green one -- involved a Tbsp of bee pollen, 1 Tbsp. of Vitamineral Green powder and 1 Tbsp. of Hemp oil.  To that I added an entire large head of suk choi, celery, cucumber and I believe cilantro!
I also drained a young coconut of its water...kept it separate and absolutely fell in love!  Memories of India came flooding back to me.
Now, I learned the hard way, that all that superfood plus the oil (I really think it was the oil that was too much!) that sent me running to the toilet to throw-up, at around 4 in the afternoon.  
Now I know that I had not drunk enough through the day (a minimum of 4 litres is the suggested base limit!), and started suffering from a pounding headache, and a nausea.  Oh well!
I had my friend Jessica over at the time, as we were juicing to take our offerings to the Victoria Global Juice Feast Party, at Constanze and Ayrie's!  And what a blast it was...a beautiful rainbow of mason jars filled with juice were lined up.  There was everything!  Yam and cinnamon juice, blood orange and mint, pineapple, burdock and greens, watermelon and carrot, spinach and lemon!  We all sampled and shared tidbits and laughs!  We are going to make this gathering a weekly offer mutual support through the Feast!
I woke up today...Day 2..made myself some tea: Albertan Wild Rose and went juicing.  I stayed clear from the additives, and am enjoying sipping on a drink of parsley, beet greens, apple and pineapple at the moment!  

So...I started off Day 1 at 148 pounds.  To be continued...

The top photo is a picture of the pulp I created on Day 1!

Still on track...not diswayed yet!

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