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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Soaring and Flying High!!! (the understatement)

I have had a week where I've reached a new level of feeling positively:
free, if I'm operating several levels higher than I ever had before! This week has included one hour-long massage, two three hour-long accupuncture sessions, two meals I cooked for guests of ours (in both cases, to rave reviews! - equate it to how much love I'm putting in these dishes!), a great big ramble through the Garry Oak meadows in full bloom with wildflowers with my daughter, and a wonderful walk by the ocean! My partner and I have been getting along better than we ever have before, relating in a wonderfully beautiful fashion. I'm feeling much more comfortable in my body, with my partner saying the other day that "You've really come into your body, babe!" I've shed 27 pounds...feels awesome! I can fit into m old clothes again! Another 7 pounds and I'll be thrilled! Plus, knowing that we've made plans to move back to Lasqueti Island in several years, plus I'm planning an imminent visit back, has given me great focus!
Unfortunately last night I had a a bad night's sleep, due to several distractions, that I have a wee bit of a runny nose! I'm hoping that it's due strictly to the lack of sleep!

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Robyn said...

wow, bronwyn.
simi is SUCH a beautiful child :)