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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Lasqueti weekend and juicing gone-wrong!

I left off with my mass juicing production I was undertaking in order to spend the weekend on Lasqueti Island. I spent hours juicing...juicing until my back ached. My original plan had been to juice mainly pineapple, and add E3 Live to each juice right before intake. However, I veered away from that idea when I developed a wee minor yeast-like infection and was wondering if it had to do with my intake of sugary pineapple; and secondly, I had such a plethora of greens I needed to juice them. So, the result was a cooler full of ice and juice (it's impossible to bring the juicer with, since solar panels can't sustain powering it, without draining the battery bank!)

UNFORTUNATELY, my juices broke down really quickly and began tasting FOWL! I therefore began drinking less than a litre a day, until yesterday where I just couldn't stomach them and drank herbal detox tea instead. I wasn't doing so well...feeling kind of sluggish and weak. However, today I went downtown and had 4 litres juiced for me at Green Cuisine. I just needed something that tasted vastly different from my vile concoctions!

My weekend was phenomenal down on my land. I saw my coop landpartners, my cabin, and our future housesite. It was such a rejuvinating, inspiring weekend! I'm attaching some photos of the cabin and views.


Robyn said...

im so sorry the juices didnt go well! are you feeling any better?

your land is beautiful!

Ed said...

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Grace and Peace,