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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

I'm still blogging post-feast, so keep checking in!

Monday, May 5, 2008


I have very little to report on the juice front today, except that I've opted not to go for buying a share in a cow to obtain raw milk. This decision I came to after reading Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine by Gabriel Cousens. With his research as a medical doctor, he was studying the make-up of people's blood -- and he noticed the mass difference that occurred when someone who'd been a very clean raw food eater, added raw goat's milk into his diet. This same man was able to reverse these same negative effects by eliminating the diary once again. I was sold!

I've really noticed how inspiring and catchy this cleanse has been with its effect on others. Even my Mum is inquiring about having one juice a day...!


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

You are doing so great, and all you guys at the juice-luck are just all aglow!
Pixy Lisa

Nicole said...

Hi Bronwyn -
I came across your blog near the beginning of your juicefeast and have been watching (lurking) with great interest as it progresses. You're doing so fantastic on it - and you've inspired me to go raw (I've been vegan for 2 yrs already so it was a matter of dropping cooked food and adding more raw). It's been just over a week now and I feel terrific - especially with more juices. So thanks for your inspiration - maybe when I get a better juicer I'll try a juicefeast, too! (i'm a 33 y.o. mom of 2 (ds 8, dd 4) west of Sooke) Way to go!! Keep it up!

Bronwyn said... lovely to hear from you -- we gather for our juicelucks every Saturday at about 6 ish -- feel free to come on by...if you're interested, I'll tell you where! But, thanks so much for your comment!