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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

My BIG NEWS, Touching base with fellow Victoria JuiceLuckers...and Café Bliss!


I've had one day of school so far...and I'm already succumbing to the stress of it! The problem with us perfectionists! I so badly want to a degree...but the hoops one must jump through and hurdle often seem to defeat the intent. I cycled up on Thurday to 15 minutes, uphill...which was quite the accomplishment for me! My first class: Design Aesthetics (read: drawing, more drawing, and even a little more fine motor control on top of that!) -- in short the class that will be exceedingly challenging for me with my hand. And of course, the minute I landed on campus, my shaking increased dramatically. The teacher of that class really wants me in the class (i showed up in my tutu and she is a costume designer...!) -- but still I feel the pressure. For some reason my mantra that I keep telling myself , to go for the enjoyment of it, hasn't quite sunk in yet. What happens remains to be seen. big news: I finally have a book contract sitting in front of me to sign! So I will become a published author of a children's book! yeehaw!

So, us Victoria JuiceLuck crew are working hard on coordinating our schedules to make a date to film another check-in video (we have had many requests!) -- Today Constanze and I met up at the Moss Street Market and we took a photo of the two of us together! I talked to Robyn, and I commented on how I'm loosing weight, and she says she just keeps gaining and gaining weight back. Ayrie and Constanze are still pretty stable, having gained a few pounds after being off sailing and traveling and the disruption of them. Myself, I seem to be fluctuating between 94 (which was my lowest) to 100...usually about 96 pounds. I increased my nut consumption, but that is not intelligent or safe for me, so I'm going to pull back...and I had an interesting reaction today, when I went to Café Bliss (Victoria's raw café, run by Hezi, Ayrie's daughter and Katrina's sister). I had a plate of food, which had a sour cream mixture made of cashews and macadamia nuts -- it immediately made me feel ill, as if my body was rejecting the nuts -- enough! no more! I heard! and I'm listening! Hopefully tonight I'll make a batch of sauerkraut, and possibly get some crackers under way!

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Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

ohhh I can't wait for the video update!