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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

I'm still blogging post-feast, so keep checking in!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One week now off the feast!

So, it's feeling good eating again!

I had my first smoothie last Tuesday evening, and continued to only have smoothies until Friday evening. I was very aware that since I hadn't been drinking that much juice, I did not want to shock my system too badly!

So, Friday morning the three of us headed up to Lasqueti Island, along with Constanze. I packed three smoothies on ice with me...figuring they were not likely to separate as quickly as juice. I was right! I also want to make my first bite of salad (I skipped the introduction of fruits aspect of feast breaking, I was craving greens!), to be from a fresh-picked Lasqueti Island garden. Oh! my did those greens ever hit the spot!! I had a small bowl of salad, dressed with olive oil and apple cider vinegar, and fell in love. I just wanted to keep on eating and eating! I restrained myself though!

The next morning, I had one of those devine Frog Hollow organic apricots -- and I was off! I'm loving salads! Yesterday, I did make a morning juice, and today a smoothie -- but it's the salads I want. I bought some raw tahini yesterday. Simi and I gave our Excalber dehydrator first-run with a case-lot sale on mangoes! So all is well. I love my new-still-mossy-salad-bowl, too! Oh! and I've been eatong with my fingers which feels great! Only thing I've got to watch is I'm eating a few too many olives -- I think I was up to 35 in one day -- gotta love those kalamatas!

I've developed iritis over the past week -- inflamed, painful iris of the eye -- I'm off to see the opthamologist today for some relief. The ironic part is I got after getting off the's so debililatating that if need be I'd take some steroid eye drops. I've researched and haven't found any alternative thearapies!

Lasqueti was wonderful -- went for a beautiful community Summr Solstice celebration, followed by a dance with the phenomenal Lasquei marimba band -- Constanze and I kicking up our heels and celebrating our feast accomplishments!
Paddy also managed to truck our framing wood lumber up our 4x4 road with help and started our cement house footings!

Summer is upon us!


twirlingsky said...

Bron we need to talk juicers & dehydrators - and about making space in my cupboards. I think eye stuff is going around - Kyle had those weird eye ulcers that he had to take steroids for...take care of those eyes!

Congrats on the steps to your new palace!

Robyn said...

yay bronwyn! greens are amazing arent they? im eating almost all greens too, im just not craving fruit in the same way i did before the feast. its also funny, olives are what i need to be careful not to overeat on! although i still need to try those ones you get-- the sundried bojita ones im getting are sooo expensive, and leave me pretty dehydrated too (although theyre divine)

im glad your lasqueti trip went well! and that youre loving your bowl... im loving mine too! food is so amazing. my birthday was yesterday so all these people are taking me out to mo:le... no complaints there! hahaha