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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

I'm still blogging post-feast, so keep checking in!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 97! And a crock!

It's DAY 97 this very rainy (where did summer go?) Thursday morning!

I weighed myself this morning, and I've lost 42 pounds to date! And I feel good!

Over the last few days, I went to the sauna and hot tub at the local pool for a little detoxing, but mainly to warm up. Though I'm not as cold as I was earlier on in the cleanse, I still feel challenged in that department. I went for accupuncture yesterday, with each point feel very electric -- I was told this was a good sign that my chi was up! I was also given a few moxa sticks a stick you burn lie incense above some of the crucial accupuncture points that relate to me! After that I went and "did juice" with my dear friend Adam from out-of-town, which was very uplifting!

Plus, over the last few days, I've been scouring the internet in search of the perfect crock so that I can make myself raw sauerkraut after the feast. I found plenty of new ones, but once they got shipped to Canada (with the possibility of fracture), the price was exorbitant. So I started perusing the local on-line classifieds and found several listed. I found one woman who was selling a whole raft of Medalta crocks, and so i assumed that she must really know crocks. I drove for 45 minutes out to her place, after having asked her beforehand whether they were cracked and she said no. I got there, and they were cracked all over (bacteria can settle in them, its very important that they be crack free inside). I was dissapointed. Yesterday, the same thing happened. I had checked beforehand, got there...cracked. However, it was a 4 gallon one for $20 dollars, I bought it, and will use it for kindling in my new place. In searching and studying the web I discovered all about the Red Wing Antique crocks and how highly valued they were. And I found one locally: 2 gallons for $45 -- with no cracks! I bought it this morning, knowing I was walking away with something valued possibly in the hundreds. I'm delighted and it will work!

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