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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Top of the morning of Day 4 of Juice Feast - feeling sooooo good!

Wow! Am I ever noticing the difference in myself, how I feel, how I'm standing, my energy, my clarity, my EVERYTHING....after just 3 days of juicefeasting -- and now here I am morning of the fourth....a nice cup of herbal lavender tea in hand, and about to juice today's juices in my beloved Samson juicer! The juice of today will be pineapple, apple, carrot, beet, ginger, kale -- yesterday was the same, except I used beet greens instead of kale for the greens part!

I am doubly excited as for this clarity as I am about to embark on a two-day weekend workshop in 'The Work That Reconnects' - based on the work of Joanna Macy, based on the principle of dependent co-arising and our inter-dependence on and with this earth......

Plus I have been busy, busy, busy....but doing good things....

One of the projects is an series of interactive performances that address the ambient violence of hate writings in washroom stalls...I've included the following two links to read articles/press coverage about them:

Plus tonight I am beginning rehearsals for a piece with 10 others that involves the idea of looking at the shift from capitalist culture to one that's far more human -- essentially "The Great Turning" -- should be exciting will be working with some ex-convicts on this piece!

And I'm even fitting in today a meeting where a group of us, including felloe juice feaster Constanze, will meet to discuss the possibility of forming an organic food buying group! -

Good Stuff...
Feeling so clear...

Plus I've added some upcoming Action Theater™ classes to my website...if you're interested, please take a look:

Now off to juice!

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