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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Land, Land-partners...and an upset, funky tummy!

We just spent another weekend on Lasqueti Island, where we're building a another few days of back-to-the-land livin' and lovin'! And...for the second time ever we had a gathering of all of our land partners (as we cooperatively own 100 acres - 5 couples!) -- so, I'll include a photo of us happy bunch!

Along with our splendid weekend came a funky tummy! And this has been carrying through for the past few days. In fact yesterday after having a 100% raw meal downtown yesterday, I got out of the restaurant, and felt like I had to throw up. I made it out, on the bus, and home...but then could only lay on the couch with no energy while the food passed through. Hmmm? Today was a lot better...but still, my body seems not to want to accept food.

I made a fresh batch of sprouted chickpea hummus and a raw dip with soaked sunflower and pumpkin seeds, two juice from limes, salt, water, tons of fresh basil, and blend it all together. Yum!

Been craving fruit! The corner store only had non-organic fruit, but I went for it! It did the trick!

Am considering doing a Fall tune-up juice feast starting at Equinox. Maybe for a week. We'll see. I'd love to do it with the whole Juice Luck crew.

Planted some kale transplants and purple sprouting brocolli starts. Hopefully they'll offer something this winter.

Spent the day sewing Simi a back to school polka-dot skirt! Fun! and Satisfying!

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