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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

I'm still blogging post-feast, so keep checking in!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Metabolism Superb!

I'm just back from 6 days on Lasqueti Island, which entailed a mixture of house-surfing, couch-surfing and tenting for my daughter and I. It also entailed gardens full of vegetable and fruit bounty! Greens galore, bleuberries, plums, all-around goodness -- peas, basil, tomatoes! Just fabulous!

So, I'm resting now (according to my scale) at about 99/100 pounds in the morning, before eating anything! I feel great! Now, it's time to start rebuilding muscle -- I've started with some abdominal strengthening exercises (I've got a lot of distended belly skin and muscles from pregnancy)!

So one thing I've noticed is just how finely tuned my metabolism is now! I'm getting the direct energy from my food -- and I'm eating a lot! I'm eating way more now evidently than during the juice feast, but Ive lost another 2-3 pounds! My eliminations are regular and usually a couple times a day -- and very green! My friend Anna, in the photo - my cooperative land-partner and salad-maker-extraordinaire would create masterpieces for me...and my friend Jenna made a special raw dip with soaked seeds for me for when I came over! Wonderful times!

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