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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canada Day - 17 days post-feast update!

Yesterday was July 1st: CANADA DAY! It's a day I find an interesting one to "celebrate" -- though I am so thankful to live in this exquisitely beautiful part of the world, I am also very cognosant how we have a big business-aligned, right-wing, conservative government who is trying to degrade the social system network (health care, welfare, you name it)...the very thing Canada has been so praised for. Plus, it also brings to the forefront for me all the attrocities that have been committed against our First Nations people. How many people know that the Apartheid system of South Africa was based on Canada's Native Reserve system (reservations, for my American readers)?!? Horrific.

However, I thought I would keep these memories alive, whilst still partaking in the public gathering planned down on our Legislative Front Lawn. Five hours of music was played for free to a crowd of people clad in red-and-white! It was wonderful to be surrounded by a crowd of happy people! post-feast update:

Yesterday I took some photos of what I look like now, 2 1/2 weeks after my first smoothie! I weighed myself this morning and it seems like I've only gained back a pound. I feel really alive. This feel of being on another plane -- with the love oozing out -- has tapered somewhat, but the clarity has not! I'm eating tons of salads: lettuce greens (sometimes a mix with arugula, sorrel, kale, spinach, too - but just loving green and red leaf lettuce), some hemp hearts, a pinch of unrefined Celtic Sea salt, and olive oil and apple cider vinegar to dress. Delicious! Sensational!

I had started eating kalamata olives like they were going out of style...when it dawned on me that maybe it wasn't the fat I was craving, but rather the salt! I just started adding salt to my salads and WOW! brings out all the tastes even more!

I haven't been doing that many juices or smoothies...however I do believe us Victoria JuiceLuckers are meeting prepare for another video update soon!

Oh! and my's back and healed -- I go have a check-in with my opthamologist tomorrow morning. And on Friday I start an 8 day intensive course at the university all relating to theatre and children -- I just had fabulous time writing a paper about how drama influences the lives of children! Wonderful stuff!

We just spent the weekend on Lasqueti, and my most amazing Paddy managed to get get all of our house footing in place, even in the blistering heat! Truly impressed! Always...


twirlingsky said...

Paddy's looking good with that red nose!!!

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

You are looking great. I was craving seaweed after JFing. And fats too. So I guess a lot of us crave salt/fats after feasting.
Pixy Lisa