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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Island hopping - raw style!

It's been awhile! Yes, it, I figured it best to touch base with an update....

I'm back from our summer on the wee dot of off-the-grid land of Lasqueti Island, where we are building a larger home to return to full time in a few years. But while we returned to the roughing-it lifestyle, we were able to live in our cabin, while Paddy (partner extraordinaire) worked at building our future new home, overlooking the ocean, and brought it to lock-up!
It was a summer of collecting our drinking water from a hole in the ground...a natural in the photo above, where I am pouring the water into a large jug!

(The house to lock-up! -- with the back tower of studios!)
I gardenned - making fresh salads of kale and lettuce, sorrel and chives, parsley and basil...generally topped with an oil and apple cider vinegar and raw tahini and Braggs dressing...and sunflower seeds. Mornings was a raw cacao smoothie - with bananas, agave, cayenne, cardammon and warm/hot water...delicious! Had only a couple green smoothies -- would have done me good to have a few more...but I got addicted to the cacao! I found out that my B12 levels are really low...and so I am planning on getting a B12 injection to bring it up, and then support it staying up with sublingual B12 supplements.

Summer was glorious...and I've landed back here in Victoria somewhat abruptly...landing hard and with resistance...i loved having dirt under my fingernails while on Lasqueti....but now am back to school in one week...but that should be good hopefully too.

Came back to Victoria and headed straight to Café Bliss...I went to a raw food café called Rawthentic in Qualicum Beach a couple times too...quite nice.....

My wee daughter broke her wrist this summer....but all in all the summer was tremendous and we have a house to lock-up to show for it...and holes for fruit trees to be planted in -- just need the fencing!

Keep in contact -- I so appreciate and love receiving updates from you all!

Rawkin' rawsome,

(our cabin -- in which I birthed my daughter - and where we stay while on Lasqueti...right near where we're building the house!)

1 comment:

kat said...

yayyyyyyyy Bronwyn! a glorious summer! thanks for the raw cacao recipe too...i will give it a try.