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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Homeward bound flight saga...and finding raw in the airport!

Yesterday I left Ann Arbor, Michigan and took a shuttle to Detroit. I had my liquids packed in a bag that would get checked: my apple cider vinegar, oil, etc. --

no problem.

got on my plane in detroit. it left late. and there were storms in denver, where i was to go, and then vancouver, then finally victoria.

but i missed my connection to vancouver from denver, due to our lateness and a snow storm. so they put me up in the marriott hotel with a meal voucher. I was able to get a salad which was a welcome change from the bananas i'd been eating all day and other fruit...

so this morning, up at the crack of dawn, with the intention to board a redirected flight to san franciso then direct back to victoria. sounded good. and the king size bed was fabulous. i thought that i'd have a soaker bath, but i was given a disabled room (coincidentally), so no bath, a big wheelchair accessible hospital-like no luck...

but up at 5:00 am and shuttle back to the denver airport...and then onto the plane bound for san's how it went:

this morning was hilarious -- all we could all do on board was laugh -

they rushed us all on board so we could get off in time...we're about to be pushed off, and the push-tug broke -- so they needed to bring in another one -- so off we go -- then we need de-icing -- oh! and then they realize that none of the essential air conditioning systems within the cabin are working -- so finally back to the gate -- huge plane -- the flight attendants weren't sure of anything - they gave out the number if you wanted to de-plane and I deplaned, just to see if they could re-route me -- so a big run down to customer service, because by this time i'd be too late for the sf connection to vic -- they said to get back on and wait and back i the back of the plane, get settled back in, and then they announce for everyone to get off cause they couldn't use this plane...but they didn't know what to do with...and then because of the baggage they weren't actually letting some people re-route even if they had re-routed them with a new official we hang...then they found another we all rushed down to another this time three of us in the back were the best of buds...and hanging with the flight of them even got me an organic herbal tea from his own private stash...we were having a ball, because what else could we sf finally...and a flight direct to vic tonight, arriving 9:17...hopefully my bag does too...because apparently denver only routed it to vancouver...but apparently it did make it to sf.

So my joke right now is that I could poop pout potassium pills from the amount of bananas i've consumed -- found a couple green salads and chose the balsamic vinagrettes ---

so a couple more hours to go before this next planned flight --

all i want is a smoothie!


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