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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Greetings from U of M hospital (not a bad thing!!!)

Hello, hello!

Well, I am, writing from my hospital room at the University of Michigan...where I am year for my two-year follow-up visit for my Wilson's Disease protocol I was/am a part of.

When I was here last, I was on my 2008 Global Juice Feast -- as many of you read, if you've been following, this was met with surprise, disbelief, questions and support from my medical team at that point.

When I came in yesterday (I leave tomorrow), some people were absolutely shocked by my weight loss -- I was 30 pounds less than my last visit, but about 50 pounds lighter than when I started the juice feast. People said I looked great...but some, especially the dietitians were highly concerned, and I spent my morning essentially defending my weight (I weighed in at 102.5 pounds -- less than normal as I hadn't eaten much while in transit) --

Technically I am considered underweight -- I find this designation hard to believe since I feel very healthy, and I carry my weight around my mid section. The main dietitian was so concerned that she managed to get me a $500 DEXA bone density scan for free -- this machine measures your soft tissue masses, your bone density, your % of body fat, etc. and prints out a full body skeletal image of your body -- so, so, so very trippy.

It alieved some of the dietitians fears...but needless to say she thinks I'm a wing-nut.

On the other hand, the nurses are a different story. My night nurse just told me that after I left last year, she did smoothies for two weeks -- a heavy-set woman with IBS (Irritable Bowel syndrome) -- she was not doing enemas, got seriously constipated and was in so much pain. But she was so supportive of me eating raw, and said she would like to too. She had injured her knee and was eager to try my suggestions of MSM. Lovely, open woman. The head admitting secretary is also going to borrow a book from me tonight, eager to get tips...anticipating this, and requiring back up supporting material, I brought Victoria Boutenko's "Green for Life" and Gabriel Cousen's "Conscious Eating".

But the ultimate word came from my overseeing doctor who said "I'm not concerned about your weight." He went on to say that as long as I wasn't fluctuating all over the place, possibly releasing copper while doing so, I was fine.

Thank you.

Have received great feedback neurologically, from speech lab numbers look great...just waiting for my copper specific results to come back


Anonymous said...

You are my favorite "wing-nut."

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your willing to share and to do so so intimately.

I think a lot about how graciously you weather things that would wilt me e.g. standing up to doctors, the "Angela" incident, etc.

Simi is blessed to have you as a Mommy.

BTW, The JuiceLuckers are so very inspirational.

Thank you for inviting us all along and congrats on your health successes.

Bronwyn said...

Ah! Thank you -- your comment is so comforting -- are you or have you Juice feasted -- you can always e-mail me directly and privately if you ever wish: --