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Oh My!  I did 108 days on juice, exceeding the 92!

I'm still blogging post-feast, so keep checking in!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Slight trepidation!

All of sudden kick-off day is a lot closer!  Saturday is the big moment.  Though I am wholly excited, I do have some trepidation and anxieties creeping in.  I enjoy food, and have some worries over how I'll minimize my cravings.  I will still be handling food -- preparing school lunches and snacks for Simi (my daughter), as well as for Paddy (though he already fulfills this role almost single-handedly, due my inability to hold things well because of the constantly shakey hands -- what a blessing:  A Domestic-God in Carharts!)  ...  the other day we went out for Sunday brunch...I ate until I hurt!  It seems like I'm in slight panic mode: 'better get it all in before I can't anymore!' (which I know, couldn't be any good!)
I have been intgrating juice slowly into my diet, so that it's not a brutal awakening on March 1st.  One thing I tried the other day was I juiced an entire pineapple (which created just shy of one litre), kept it separate, then used it to sweeten/dilute the green concoctions.  Was a success at making things more palatable!
Perhaps my greatest fear is traveling.  Mid-March I take off for four days in Berkeley California.  Being that it's Berkeley, there is a plethora of potential places to get freshly made juice.  Not a problem there.  At the end of March, I have to head back to the University of Michigan Hospital for 4 days.  Assuming I'm still feasting at this point (which I plan to be), I will need to find a method to go get 3 days worth of juice from somewhere and lug it all to the hospital.  I fear doctors and nurse reactions....but more so, just getting the juice!  I was told of one juice bar in Ann Arbor...and I'm hoping that by the time I land in Detroit in the evening, I will be able to get to Ann Arbor, juice-up, and go to bed.  You see, I won't be able to leave the hospital once I'm there.  Ahhh...but things work out as they should.  There will be a way!
It is so thrilling to me that there is quite the substantial community of Juice feasters accumulating in Victoria and globally ( -- and in royal style, we will kick off the event/transformation/movement with a juice-luck at Constanze's the Saturday!

Let's get juicy!


Carolyn said...

Hi, it's Carolyn... erstwhile Lasquetian... I found your blog through the posting on the "Lasqueti email" from Peter J. How great that you're doing this!! It'll be nice to follow your adventure and just catch up on your life a bit at the same time. Other than the photo posted here, I haven't seen Simi since she was... hmm, probably 2 years old.
All the best.

Bronwyn said...

Carolyn --

Wow! Great to hear from you! Funny that picture of Simi is close to three years old -- I just felt it was appropriate and all being in a fruit tree. Keep in touch!